Grizzly Bear Single videos 

Grizzly Bear goes out when he feels like something boring in fine days.
Some people asking him on the street 'what are you?'
and he answers them 'would you like to dance with me for a minute please?' 

Basic choreography of Grizzly bear at Top Shop, Byron bay 

wt. the giraffe man in Seoul 

at Shibuya, Tokyo

wt. Osaka Baseball team.

wt. ladies in Kyoto 

at 굿-즈 Goods 2015, Gwanghwa-moon, Seoul

wt. a guitar boy at Seoul

wt. a business man at Daegu, Korea

wt. JC in Brisbane

wt. gangs of playground, Brunswick Head NSW

wt. a BBQ man in Brisbane  

wt. Murloc, Gangnam Seoul

wt. Clara and Dave, Brisbane

wt. guys from England, Byron Bay

wt. a diving boy, Brunswick Head NSW

wt. the owner of Surf shop Byron Bay(closed..)

wt. awesome hula hoop girl at UQ, Brisbane

wt. beautiful girls who loves K-pop, Brisbane

wt. crazy girls at Busan, Korea

wt. Young-sang high school , Seoul