MMSS Documentary

We forget things easily. We watch our docos again when we can't remember why we started it and still doing it. Some thoughts had changed, some ones not. We surf waves that happy and sorrow in MMSS. Always happy comes after sorrow. So far..

4. Korean Adventure 2

We play AGI Open, Ewoo School, Slow Slow Quick Quick and a rabbi party.

1. The Beginning
'Grizzly Bear' is the first song of MMSS. We had a cup of coffee at Foot bridge cafe, Brunswick head when we finish the song. We thought this song might need something special because it is fun and has weird lyric that doesn't allow us sing it in normal condition.

2. Korean Adventure
An underground gallery in Seoul wanted to do an exhibition on us. We haven't think what we've been doing could be some sort of art. But some people saw something. 

3. Disaster to Splendour 2016
We started to hate art after our 1st exhibition. So we applied to audition to get a stage in Splendour in the grass 2016